No war, pandemic, or financial crisis has affected pubs and bars more than COVID-19 and lockdown. Pubs and bars don’t just sell drinks. They are places where people get together to relax and hang out. Pubs and bars are social settings, and the opposite of so-called social distancing. People will, of course, continue to drink. In fact, at the beginning of the current crisis, it was optimistically claimed that alcohol could prevent or protect against Coronavirus. Since then, this theory has been dispelled as pure fantasy.

On the other hand, there are no specific studies on how alcohol can impact your chances of actually becoming infected with the virus. In any case, beware; if you do drink too much, you might find these ‘drunk’ synonyms useful to describe how you’re feeling!


Drunk synonyms list. Different ways to say you’ve had too much to drink


This means to be extremely intoxicated from the consumption of alcohol or drugs




This is used to to describe someone who has had too much to drink and probably can’t talk in a normal way.




This expression is not very strong and means you’ve only consumed a little alcohol.




If you’re sloshed, you’re basically very drunk.



Tanked or tanked up is an informal way to say that someone is drunk



This means you are very drunk



This is a more formal way to say that someone has had too much to drink.


Under the influence

This is also a formal way to say that someone is over the limit and is used mainly in a legal context



This term basic basically means to be extremely drunk




This slightly offensive term is mainly used in the US and means to be VERY drunk



So that’s it for today. If there are any drunk synonyms which we’ve missed, please let us know! Just a reminder that you can learn more real English with our fun new app available for both Android and iOS And remember… if you’re going to drink, do it in moderation!

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