It is no secret that learning and using common English expressions is one of the keys to fluency! Today we are going to show you some of the most common expressions used on a daily basis in English, so that you can add them to your vocabulary and start sounding like an English pro in no time at all!

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To be all ears

This expression means to pay attention or to listen to someone or something eagerly.

This is quite an informal, everyday expression that is used pretty often in British English especially.

To go back to square one

This is to start from the beginning again after something has maybe failed or gone wrong along the line. 

We can also say to start from scratch, which has the same meaning.

To blow it

To blow it is an expression that means to ruin, mishandle, or fail to capitalize on an opportunity. This is often used in informal contexts. 

To cheer up

We normally tell someone to cheer up if we see that they are a little bit down or sad about something, it is a way of saying ‘be happy’. These are normally considered to be words of encouragement.

To deal with it 

According to, ‘deal with it’ is a bold, self-assured declaration ordering someone to put up with something they may object to or to make do with a challenging but ultimately manageable situation. This is quite a bold and direct declaration, so be careful who you say this to.

To face the music

The Cambridge Dictionary describes the idiom as meaning “to accept responsibility for something you have done.” 

We normally use this to refer to a situation in which someone has done something wrong, and they know they are going to face certain consequences because of it.

To get your act together

This is simply an informal way to refer to organizing the different aspects of your life. This may include your work life, family life, studies, friends, etc.

To go the extra mile

To go the extra mile means to do more or put more effort than you are obligated to or expected to into a certain project. 

To have a gut feeling

This expression means to have a personal, intuitive or instinctive feeling about something. This normally implies that there is no ‘real’ logic behind this feeling, but you trust it.

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