If you have a hunch, you have a  feeling about what will happen because you have a strong intuition or instinct.  Although there is no known origin of this word as a noun, it has been around since the 1800s.



graph frequency hunch
Have a hunch has been in use since 1800


Have a Hunch related phrases


Hunch with the meaning of ‘gut feeling’ or ‘trust your instinct’  can also be used in other common phrases such as:


  • It’s (just) a hunch
  • Call it a hunch
  • Play a hunch
  • On a hunch


I have a hunch that you are hiding something or someone


Main synonyms


Gut feeling


I have a gut feeling that something good is going to happen today

As she opened the door she had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right

As I was walking along the street I had a gut feeling that someone was following me.


Trust your gut


The team thinks that it is good practice to take some risks and that it’s Ok to trust your gut. 

My parents always encouraged me to trust my gut if I sensed any danger.



This phrase originates from the belief that our emotions come from the area of the stomach, which is also known as the gut. The idea that the stomach is a hub of emotions and feelings has been with us since biblical times.


To finish off for today, we can see that have a hunch etc is very common in English, and we encourage you to use it next time the occasion arises. The best way to remember new vocabulary is to hear it or read it in different contexts, and then to put it into practise in both conversation and writing. This way you’ll gain in confidence and make your English sound more natural.