Meaning of Keep me posted


This is a common and useful English expression. If you keep someone posted it means that you continue to give them the latest information about something.


// They made me promise to keep them posted on any developments.

// I’ll keep you posted on the situation.


Keep me posted


Origin of Keep me posted


Although the origin of Keep me posted isn’t altogether clear, the general theory is that it comes from colonial times, when people would nail a note to a wooden post to share information or news with the rest of the community.


‘Keep’ is a very common verb

“Keep» is extremely common in English, and there are several useful phrases with «Keep». In future posts will will look  at more Keep phrases such as:  Keep in touch , Keep going, Keep smiling, Keep safe,  Keep your head up.


Idiomatic expressions make your English sound more fluent


Idiomatic expressions are extremely common in English. In linguistic terms these chunks of words are known to be part of  formulaic language  and make up for around 30-50% of the English language. Using  them will make your English sound more fluent and natural .


  • Idiomatic expressions help us be more economical with language. Therefore, we are able to use fewer words to say a number of different things.
  • They make our language richer, more colourful and more interesting.
  • Knowing and using idioms will make you feel more confident.

To sum up, if you want to understand native English speakers and sound like one, start learning and using common expressions!

In the meantime we are leaving you with a Wannalisn ‘Keep me posted’ video.



Bye for now, and we’ll be exploring many more common expressions in English in future posts. We promise that we’ll keep you posted, so watch this space!