Today is National Video Game Day! It’s actually an unofficial holiday launched in 1991 by David Earle, president of Kid Video Warriors. In fact, did you know that the first video game was invented in 1958 and involved a simple game of tennis?


Currently there are more than five million video games in existence. From car racing to epic battles, there are video game ideas for just about anyone. Even for learning English on mobile apps!


Mobile Games & Wannalisn Play!

Indeed, nowadays games are increasingly available on smart phones. Wannalisn has adapted to this new trend with an app that  combines entertainment and education to create a unique ‘Edutainment‘ solution.



Wannalisn game



Here you can see the game highlights on our fun new Wannalisn mobile app:


  • Advance through levels on Wannalisn Play to enjoy a fully guided learning plan.
  • Engage in fun vocabulary games and activities
  • Win rewards every day by completing your Daily Shows
  • Completely interactive and 100% audiovisual



audiovisual app


To conclude, we’re leaving you with an original Wannalisn video called ‘Video Game day’. Enjoy!



And by the way, watch this space for Video Game Day’s cousin ‘National Video Games Day‘ on September 12.