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Lockdown/Outbreak/Vaccine 3 Must-know Coronavirus words

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In these times of Coronavirus you may well have heard these 3 words: Lockdown , Outbreak,  and Vaccine.  Here we are going to look more in depth into these must-know Coronavirus terms so you can add them to your vocabulary and be more confident and natural when speaking English.


1. Lockdown meaning


Lockdown (noun) – In the 1970s, this must-know ‘Coronavirus’  word meant a lengthy period of confinement for prisoners


// The lockdown was caused by prison riots and  has been in place for 3 months.


Nowadays, especially with COVID-19, «Lockdown» means a state of isolation or restricted access during a state of emergency.


// The city is on lockdown and nobody has been able to leave.


Lockdown video. Clear the streets!

2. Outbreak meaning 


Outbreak (noun) – When we refer to an outbreak of something, most likely it is very serious and unprovoked. We may hear about an outbreak of war or of an outbreak of violence in a large city.


// Social and political problems led to the outbreak of war.


// The authorities are preparing for an outbreak of violence.


Outbreak is also associated with the sudden eruption of a disease or virus, and is another must-know Coronavirus word.


// My biggest worry is that there will be a second outbreak of the coronavirus.


// The ebola outbreak has been contained.


Origin of Outbreak

«Outbreak» originated in the 1300s and meant «to break out, escape confinement», and then became a noun meaning «eruption» in the 1600s.


Outbreak video. We have to contain it


3. Vaccine meaning 


Vaccine is a substance administered to someone to prevent them from being infected with a specific disease. Vaccines generally contain a tiny amount of the weakened disease, for example a virus or bacterium.


// Investigators are collaborating to develop an influenza vaccine


// There is presently no widely approved vaccine for polio immunisation


// There is no existing vaccine to immunise people against the virus.


Origin of Vaccine


‘Vaccine’ originates from the late 18th century from the Latin word ‘vaccinus’ from ‘vacca’ (cow).


Pronunciation of Vaccine

We have already mentioned in previous posts differences between British English and American English. The must-know Coronavirus word Vaccine  can be heard as:


  • /ˈvæksiːn/ (Br. English) Stress on first syllable
  • / væk’siːn / (US English) Stress on second syllable

VACCINE.Pronunciation Br.English

VACCINE. Pronunciation US English


Vaccine. Let’s kill this virus!


In future posts we’ll look at some more must-know Coronavirus words. By using them appropriately you will sound more fluent in English!

Bye for now!


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