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Wannalisn English Learning App

Because real life doesn’t have


Wannalisn helps you to finally understand the fast English of first language speakers. 

Learn the most common phrases, expressions and phrasal verbs in spoken English through tiny clips from your favourite movies and TV series.

Wannalisn English Learning App


According to the article «Walt Disney: Master of Laughter and Learning» Walt Disney believed in education through the entertainment of film and television.

Interest in combining education with entertainment seeks to improve learning by making it not just painless, but also enjoyable.

Wannalisn English Learning App


Do you feel lost in translation?

Do you only understand around 50% of the English of native speakers?

Here’s the secret! 

The 50 most common words make up 50% of spoken English.

Combinations of these words are usually said very quickly by first language English speakers. Training your ear to decode these clusters will dramatically improve your fast listening skills.

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